BEING YOU, beyond the bullshit


In this age of lies, fake news and polarized realities — what the bleep is true for you? 


What if you have a bullshitometer inside of you, just waiting to get activated?


Who would you be if you started to tell you the truth about you?

Who would you be if you stopped rationalizing other people's lies?

Who would you be beyond the bullshit?


In this 4-part tele/zoom series,  Being You Beyond The Bullshit, we’ll explore how you can know what is true for you in the world, with your family and friends, with energy, magic and miracles and with creating the future.


April 3:  Call #1: TRUE FOR YOU & What Goes On In The World


April 10: Call #2: TRUE FOR YOU & Family, Foes and Friends


April 17: Call #3: TRUE FOR YOU & Energy, Magic and Miracles


April 24: Call #4: TRUE FOR YOU & Creating The Future



This series is also translated to Portugeuse and French.



To register for this series go HERE.



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