I don’t like going to pubs — I don’t like big parties, huge concerts or really any kind a larger gathering of people. There it is, I said it out loud!

However, if you've ever meet me at a party I can be quite happy, funny and even charming…for a short while. But I am the one that leaves too early, often under the radar, without saying an official good bye. I sneak out and when the door closes behind me, I draw a deep breath and go: Finally! SPACE TO BE!

I am what many would call ”an introvert”. What is that? Wikipedia says: Introverts are drained by social encounters and energized by solitary, often creative pursuits. Their disposition is frequently misconstrued as shyness but many introverts socialize easily; they just strongly prefer not to.

That is pretty right on, as a description! It goes on to say that introverts are more interested in what goes on on the inside, than on the outside. I am actually not so sure about that part… I would say that introverts are acutely aware of absolutely everything and everyone all the time, all around. It can get a bit overwhelming if you don’t have the tools to handle the amount of information flooding in from people in public places. Hence, many introverts retreat.

My daughter learnt this about me at an early age … Already at 6 years old, she’d notice the invisible smoke coming out of my ears and ask: Mum, I think we need to go home now? Before your head explodes?

For many years, I judged myself quite harshly for my lack of social interest. I did teach myself the social skills — I got quite good at it — but the interest never followed. Why, why, why could I not go out and have fun like a normal person? What was wrong with me?

When I started with Access Consciousness® classes, it all started to change …

I discovered that being around people exploring what else is possible was actually … fun.

I realised that my capacity to be acutely aware of every energy was very useful when facilitating.

I learnt that my solitary pursuits was invaluable for creating unique, magical, never-before-seen things.

I found out that there were people who would hang out and have space … together .

And I finally acknowledged that I was not wrong, JUST DIFFERENT.

That was the beginning of an adventure that I am still on: being me, happily introvert!

Is there something you're still calling a wrongness that is really a … strongness?

How much more ease could you have being you, if you were willing to finally acknowledge the greatness your difference is?

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