Uncategorized Apr 15, 2020

I used to rely entirely on my brain. Even in the midst of trauma and drama, I would count on my brain to somehow get me out of it. I was a first-class head-tripper.

Then I had my Access Bars® run. The person running them said my healing bars were going like crazy and that usually meant that I was…a healer.

Me, a healer? My brain went into high gear and talked to it's favorite cohort at the time: my mind. After turning this information over a couple of times, they dismissed it as not fitting into any of the pre-defined compartments of me.

Yet, deep within my being a tiny, shiny question started to form...Who was I, really? What if I wasn't what I had decided I was? What if I was something completely different?

And there was something awakening in me that I can best describe as... hope.

A couple of weeks later I chose (to my brain's surprise) to have a private session with Dain. That session blew my whole world apart! I opened my eyes and knew that this was the end and beginning of everything. The mind didn't stand a chance.

And my brain was introduced to a completely new language; the language of energy. My real language. The language I recognize with all my being. Where words are clumsy, thoughts circumvent and the body the quickest guide to knowing.

This is one of the greatest and most wondrous shifts in my life, on-going. The continuous exploration of the language of energy and bodies is always expanding. It intrigues me, it inspires me, I yearn and reach for more, all the time.

I now know my touch can change the world. And I know yours can too! What if we are all capable of way, way, way, way, way, way more energetically than we've ever considered - and way more than that?

Your energetic capacities come from the very core of you They're unique. They required. They're exactly what this world is asking for.

Right now.



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