Sköna söndagar - body process classES

What if Sundays could be the day of the week where you invited your body to play?

This spring you are welcome to attend a Body Process Class where you learn to gift and receive different body processes from Access Consciousness. 

You don't need any prerequisites fron Access Consciousness and you don't need to have any experience in energy work or body processes. The only thing you need to bring is you, your body and a willingness to explore what else is possible.


We will explore one body process in the morning and another one in the afternoon.

Our body is alwyays there, gifting to us, taking care of us and making sure we get what we require. We, on the other hand, are mostly focusing on what is wrong and ungly about our body - or we ignore it totally and live our life from our heads.


Is now the time to change that?


When you start changing how you relate to your body, you will start changing how you relate to your life.


What if your body could be your best friend and guide in the world?


upcoming BODY PROCESS classes

Sköna Söndagar in Stockholm

February 3

March 17

April 7

If you have questions about these body process classes, please send us an email via this form.
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