Bodies Talk To Bodies

Your body is far more aware than you or your logical mind are! Katarina Wallentin & Shannon O'Hara on the Consciousness Anywhere Podcast invite you to explore a new possibility with bodies and learn what bodies are capable of that no one really talks about. 


How To Raise An Eco Conscious Child

Katarina Wallentin on the show The Low Tox Life Podcast with Alexx Stuartto talking about Katarina's second children's book, Clara and the Climate Changer.


When A Book Gets A Voice

A Big Better Best Books Podcast with Laleh Hancock, Megan Hill & Max Zoulek who have all recorded audio-books and discuss what it is required to be and convey the energy of the story, not just the words.


Do You Use Your Past To Limit You?

Katarina Wallentin on the Consciousness Anywhere Podcast with Shannon O'Hara. Would you be interested in not just surviving your life, but actually thriving?


Big Better Best Books Podcast

With authors, readers & other endangered species, hosted by Katarina Wallentin, aired during 2018 and 2019.

Explore the archive of the Big, Better Best Books Podcast about writing - what happens before the ink meets the paper, what happens as a story unfolds and what gets created when books take on a life of their own.


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