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Adding Gratitude - A Five Day Body Experiment

How often are you grateful for your body? Once an hour, once a day, once a week ... once a year? (Ever?)

And how often do you judge it? For being too big, to small, too weak, too short, too tall, too slow, too old, too young, too soft, too hard, too floppy, too wrinkly ... all that!

Would you like to join me in an experiment?

Let's explore what happens if we consciously add 15 min of gratitude every day to our bodies for 5 days?


¿Exploremos lo que sucede si conscientemente agregamos 15 minutos de gratitud cada día a nuestros cuerpos por 5 días? ¡Disponible en español también!

Haydi 5 gün boyunca günde 15 dakika bilinçli bir şekilde bedenlerimize şükranı eklersek ne olacağını keşfedelim? TÜRKÇE olarak da mevcut!

Esploriamo cosa succede se aggiungiamo consapevolmente 15 minuti di gratitudine per il nostro corpo ogni giorno per 5 giorni? Disponibile anche in Italiano!

Wie oft bist du dankbar für deinen Körper? Würdest du gerne bei meinem Experiment dabei sein? Lasst uns erkunden, was passiert, wenn wir fünf Tage lang jeden Tag bewusst 15 Minuten lang dankbar für unsere Körper sind! Melde dich hier an, um fünf kostenfreie Videos zu erhalten. Auch in Deutsch erhältlich.

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