With Authors, Readers & Other Endangered Species, hosted by Katarina Wallentin.

​Join the scribes who create those tantalizing words, the book lovers who desire them and the publishing experts who connect us all. With author and speaker Katarina Wallentin as your guide, you will be enchanted, intrigued and you will definitely see storytellers in a whole new light.


Big, Better Best Books is a podcast about writing—what happens before the ink meets paper, what happens as the story unfolds and what gets created when books take on a life of their own. Fun, entertaining and a delight for listeners of all ages, you will learn what engages you, what engages others…and when it’s time to tell you own story!

In November 2019 we reached the last episode of the Big Better Best Books podcast. Katarina is taking a break from the amazing world of books to go on other wonderful podcast adventures.

Thank you to everyone who has listened, everyone who has sent emails, and everyone who has ever recommended Big Better Best Books to one of your friends.

And remember: Books are magic. They have magic. And they can create magic, if you allow them.

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Do you love stories? 
Good stories?

The kind that make your surroundings melt away? 

That transport you to lands where magic shimmers and
you become the hero that
changes everything?

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