What is up in your world?
What keeps pinging you? (Good and bad!)
And is now the time to out-create it? 

That is what a private session is all about; opening up an infinite space where we can explore what else is possible with ... anything!

Everything is welcome, nothing is judged – and you are the key.

This July, I have a few spots available for sessions at a special summer price of Euro 250.

A session is between 30 to 60 minutes long, and we will meet online or in my cottage right outside Stockholm, Sweden, whatever works best for you!
There are a few different kinds of sessions to choose from - and often, they combine themselves beautifully!

Symphony Session

A Symphony session allows you to begin accessing what is possible for you and your body beyond what you "believe" by moving the very molecules of consciousness.

It is an exploration of energies with the target to empower each person to know that they can choose and change anything.

The Creation Sessions

 Have you ever noticed that when you relax, things in your life just seem to grow and expand as if by magic?

In this session we use the tools of Access Consciousness to dive into how you can relax into the creation and moving of your business, your projects - and your dreams?

Being You Session

 What is true for YOU?
What do YOU desire to be and create as YOU - and as YOUR life??

We'll dive into what it would take for you to have ease, joy, clarity and space in every area of your life, relationships and with your body. How alive are you willing to be? :-)

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When I decided to ask for a private session I chose Katarina Wallentin for the space she be. Benevolent, brilliant and empowering.

I was so happy for what we moved together that I chose other sessions when it was required for me, when I wanted to look at specific things.

And it was always a total space of clarity after!

- Marie Sandrine Salvai | France

I used to think that changing things was hard. Or actually, I hardly realised it was possible at all! 

It was so refreshing to be able to talk with someone about anything, with no hesitation or fear of being judged. And from there, be able to let go of many things I hadn’t even known were affecting me so much!

Afterwards, I had this huge sense of relief in my world - like my entire being had just taken a big breath! Thank you Katarina!

- Kelly Pringle | South Africa