the baby unicorn manifesto

Research suggests that a child’s self-esteem has developed by the time they are five years old – making the first, early years critical for allowing a child to understand how capable, special and powerful they truly are.


Recognizing this vital need, renowned thought-leader, author and speaker, Dr Dain Heer has helped create The Baby Unicorn Manifesto.

In a world plagued with judgement, self-doubt, and low self-esteem, Heer offers a simple yet poignant message to young children … and their caregivers: You are perfect. You are enough. You can do no wrong.


“From the moment you are born, people tell you how to fit into this reality. They teach you how to judge. They teach you how to separate from others and make yourself wrong, how to try to win, how not to lose, and how to get things right”, Heer says.

“By the time we start kindergarten, we are already forming a self-esteem based on these external judgments. We are already forgetting who it is we truly know ourselves to be.”


Inspired by the birth of a friend’s daughter, Heer came up with the idea to The Baby Unicorn Manifesto as a reminder of the unlimited potential we each carry into this world at birth.

The story is co-authored with Katarina Wallentin and the illustrations are done by Nathalie Beauvois. Together, they hope to inspire generations of baby unicorns by questioning what we believe is possible.


Easy to read and exquisitely illustrated, The Baby Unicorn Manifesto is about the magic and possibilities on our beautiful planet, where we are only limited by our imagination.

“If I could gift my daughter one thing, it would
be for her to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that she is not only enough; she is unique, perfect, amazing and so loved. It seems so basic, and
yet, that knowing creates magic. Big magic". 


- Katarina Wallentin


“What if children were told they are a gift from the moment they are born? That they can be and do absolutely anything they want? What could they create then? What would be possible then?”

- Dain Heer

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