Have you noticed that 2021 seems more undefined than any year before this? More like when we were kids? The year stretching ahead was so long that there was no way to plan what was coming. And really — who would want to? That would spoil the whole fun! :-)

What if this is the year when we stopped trying to figure everything out and instead just started to say … YES!?

Here is a special New Year's greeting for you!
What would you like to kick off your year with? And what does your body desire?


Normal Price: €299
Now: €235 EUR

Imagine if you could change someone’s whole world with one hug? Or have yours changed by the soft touch of someone’s hand?

This video training with Shannon O'Hara & Katarina Wallentin can be the beginning of reclaiming the wonders of touch. It includes 20 videos!



Normal price: €320
Now: €250 EUR

What if this is the time to start listening to your body in ways you never have before — and even co-create with it?

7 sessions in 7 days with Shannon O'Hara & Katarina Wallentin. 30 min per day of an experience based body adventure! 

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