The Being You Book Club 2022
Hosted by Katarina Wallentin


What if you, truly being you, is all it takes to change EVERYTHING - your life, everyone around you, and the world?

The Being You, Changing the World book was published in 2011 by Dain Heer.

Today it is a bestseller and available in nearly 20 languages! 

The book has a unique timeless, unstoppable energy and it is still reaching new readers and new parts of the world every day. How does it get any more magical than that?

Have you read it? What did it shift and change for you? And is now the time take it one step further?

Welcome to ...

In this free book club, we will re-visit all 16 chapters and find out where this book can take us today - ten years later!

Would you like to be part of the adventure?

Then join me and the Being You crew. And special guests Simone Milasas, Shannon O'Hara, Brendon Watt and the author himself, Dain Heer.

This weekly adventure is free, on zoom, and starts on February 10!

Just bring you, a book and you are in!

If you don't have the book yet ... maybe now is the time?

You can find it printed, as an e-book or on audio! What works for you?


Hosted Katarina Wallentin
with Special Guests and Being You Certified Facilitators:

Dr. Dain Heer, Brendon Watt, Simone Milasas, Shannon O'Hara & Alba Molteni, Tugba Oksal, Heather Nichols, Laura Simmonds, Francesca Fiorentini, John Ashford, Susanna Mittermaier, Pam Houghteling, Chrissy Dorn, Tanja Barth, Sarah Grandinetti, Anthony Mattis, Carolyn Sinclair, Tanja Kobolt, Samantha Lewis, Maya Dayan, Kalpana Raghuraman, Kaidi Karilaid, Megan Hill, Sergei Nakoliushkin, Sylvia Puentes, Emily Russell, Marie-Sandrine Salvai, Doris Schachenhofer 

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