Undefining You

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What if every definition you have of you is good for a moment only?

Who would you be if you let all the structures of you go … And relaxed into who you could be?

Let’s go on a journey, a practice into dissolving the definitions of you!

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Summer Sessions |

with Katarina in July

What is up in your world? And is now the time to out-create it? That is what a private session is all about; opening up an infinite space where we can explore what else is possible with anything! This July, Katarina has a few spots available at a special summer price of Euro 250.

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The Art of Touch Class |
Live in Istanbul

What if touch is a superpower we all have access to? The big magic of gifting and receiving at our very fingertips that makes molecules tingle and structures soften... What would the world be like if we all knew that? And used it? What do you know about touch?
In this class, the journey begins. 

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3 Day Body Class |
Live in Warsaw

In the Access 3 Day Body classes, your awareness and your body’s awareness begin to shift —together! — opening up the possibility for something completely different to occur.

Is now the space for you to become friends with your body? Even besties? :-)

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Feeding The Wolf of Possibilities Podcast with Katarina Wallentin

What would change in the world if you, me, and everyone choose to feed the wolf of possibilities instead of the one of doubt, distrust, and despair? 

In this podcast, I am daring you to claim this remarkable superpower!

Join us and be inspired by trackers, explorers, and finders of possibilities from the multiverse of hope.

Ready? Let's go!


A Vlog with Katarina Wallentin

Everywhere Is On My List

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A few years ago, I read this quote by Susan Sontag: "I haven't been everywhere. But it's on my list." -

Everywhere is on my list as well.

Welcome to this vlog where I will irregularly do my best to take you along to the everywhere.


Creations Unlimited

What if we are all pioneers of consciousness, explorers at the very beginning of a paradigm shift that is more fundamental than we can even imagine yet?