Better Sex, Better World?

Jul 06, 2022

Do people often ask you: And how is your sex-life? Not so much, right? :-)

Who in your life can you talk freely with about the how-to of sex? A lover, maybe? If you’re lucky. But beyond that person?

Sex is one of the most thought about areas in life and yet one of the most taboo topics we have. That is kind of … crazy!

What if sexy-time did not have to be so significant? What if it is something you get better at by asking questions, practicing, experimenting, and having fun?

In this episode of the Wolf, Mr. Sul Wynne-Jones and I dive into what changed when he did precisely that...

If more people had sex in the way that they enjoy - and the way that works for them! - would the world be a better place?

What do you know?

Key Takeaways: 

• You shouldn't have to try and prove anything with sex - what if it was more about having fun? 
• More people having sex in the way that they enjoy, and the way that works for them, can make the world a better place! 


• Sul Wynne-Jones
• The Gentlemen's Club Book
• Salon Des Femmes Book
• Sex is Not a 4-Letter Word, But Relationships Often Times Is Book
• Being Better in Bed Telecall
• Sense 8 Series 
• Katarina Wallentin

Sul Wynne-Jones is a certified facilitator of Access Consciousness, and the X-Men specialty classes, who lives in New South Wales, Australia with his partner Tiffani, their son Sylus and two daschunds Buster and Cleo.

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