For a few years, I've been working on a film project together with Dain Heer, Andrea Belluso and a small team of amazing people.

It is all about that elusive thing called energy and how it is at the very core of who we be and create ourselves as.

Now we’re finally presenting this to the world… Seven Videos = The Synthesis!

It is free — just go and explore. And share if you like!

And if you go here, you can hear me talk about my very first session with Dain, nearly ten years ago now.

That is how it all started! For me. :-)

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children Nov 19, 2020

When my daughter was brand new in this world, small, red, wrinkly and (of course) the most beautiful baby ever, I looked into her eyes and melted.

In that moment I decided that nothing bad would ever happen to her.

I would be the perfect parent, come rain or shine.

And I tried really, really hard to achieve this goal. I read every parenting book I could find, tried baby yoga and baby swimming… and always worried if I was doing the right thing.

I stayed in constant judgement of myself to make sure I didn’t miss a beat on my quest to be the perfect mother.

Then one night, I was trying to teach my daughter to sleep by using some kind of scream-a-certain-number-of-minutes technique that someone recommended.

It was horrible! She screamed and screamed and screamed and I sat on the sofa and ignored her until the “right” number of minutes had passed. I went in quickly and left again.

She kept screaming – with that tone of being completely lost and left...

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children Nov 15, 2020

Do you realise that most children are like walking talking radio receivers? (Yes, yours too!) They pick up everything and are extremely (irritatingly) aware of what goes on around them, spoken or unspoken. And in difference to you, children have not yet learned to pretend like it’s nothing when the energy shifts or moods change.

My daughter knows within a split second if I have something going on. She will walk into my room and ask: “Mum, is everything ok?”

In that moment I can choose to be perfect or I can choose to be …me. And my choice will give my daughter different gifts for the future.

Let’s explore just two possible answers in a situation where I’ve had an unexpected phone call that made me upset. My daughter walks through the door and asks: “Mum, is everything ok?”

Alternative 1:
I answer: “Oh yes, of course! Everything is fine, sweetie.”

Alternative 2:
I answer: “I am just a bit upset. I just had a phone...

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children Nov 11, 2020

Since I wrote my children’s book Clara and the Climate Changer, parents often ask me how they can teach their children to care for our planet.

My first question to them remains the same: “Do you care about and for our planet?” Ultimately, it starts with ourselves and we need to care about the planet, climate, environment, the future and our children’s future on this Earth, before even considering having a that conversation with them.
Once you acknowledge your responsibility to protect the Earth, just as you protect your children, here are five things that can invite your child to care for and about the planet too:


Earth is our one and only home. Yet somehow, we take it for granted and we often forget to introduce our children to the miracle it is.
Let your children enjoy nature. Them for walks in the forests, swim in the lakes, watch sunsets, sleep on a beach under the stars and invite them to plant something into the soil...

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I don’t like going to pubs — I don’t like big parties, huge concerts or really any kind a larger gathering of people. There it is, I said it out loud!

However, if you've ever meet me at a party I can be quite happy, funny and even charming…for a short while. But I am the one that leaves too early, often under the radar, without saying an official good bye. I sneak out and when the door closes behind me, I draw a deep breath and go: Finally! SPACE TO BE!

I am what many would call ”an introvert”. What is that? Wikipedia says: Introverts are drained by social encounters and energized by solitary, often creative pursuits. Their disposition is frequently misconstrued as shyness but many introverts socialize easily; they just strongly prefer not to.

That is pretty right on, as a description! It goes on to say that introverts are more interested in what goes on on the inside, than on the outside. I am actually not so sure about that part… I would...

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When I started Access Consciousness®, my main issue was really how to be. And I mean with everything and everyone.

I was so darn accomplished and likable and good at everything. And yet I was utterly confused about who I was.

When I was a kid, I was, "different." I was told I was childish, a bit weird and way too nice. And on top of that I was really good in school. In fourth grade, I was so bullied that my parents moved to another part of town, and I got to start again, at another school.

I made sure I would never be bullied again. I started to wear the in-clothes, said the 'right' things and made friends with the most liked and coolest girls in the class. I discovered that I could be really, really good at that as well — at fitting in.

My strategy was quite basic: making sure people liked me (even though I was dead sure that if they saw who I truly be, they definitely would not). I became a star chameleon!

And life went on. I very successfully used my chameleon talents...

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I’ve always wanted to be an explorer, to go where no one has ever gone before.

And I’ve done some crazy things in my life; crossed the border from El Salvador in the back of a truck, walked red poppy-fields with talibans and flown on a Russian airplane with as many goats and pigs, as people.

Yet, every adventure was always somehow still within the edges of the known world…everything had been said, seen and done before.

I desired to go where the old maps said: Beware, Beyond Here Be Dragons!

I knew there had to be something more, something different, something yet un-explained … What was the point of being here otherwise?

It really wasn’t until I began taking Access Consciousness® classes that I realised that those darn irritating known edges were … not … real.

The world is actually INFINITE, there are dragons everywhere — and they are BEAUTIFUL!

Today I am a facilitator of consciousness. I get to explore the creative edges of...

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One of the stories that is always re-told in my family is how my very tiny aunt lifted a huge, huge, stone off my cousin when he was a a little kid. It fell on him in a cave and she just lifted it off, like it was made of rubber. Afterwards, a couple of men went back to the place it happened and none of them could move the stone a millimeter!

Now, the interesting part is that everyone in my very scientific family agreed that this was…a miracle. In spite of everything they know this actually happened, and undeniably so.

Some call these times in our lives peak moments. Those moments when we, in a split second, step into total awareness and access our capacities and everything we and our body truly be — way beyond what we could ever imagine.

A few years ago now, I was drowning. I was right outside the beautiful sunshine coast in Australia, pulled out in a really strong rip-tide that I had made more powerful than me.

I was getting nowhere, and I was desperately fighting to...

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Uncategorized Apr 15, 2020

I used to rely entirely on my brain. Even in the midst of trauma and drama, I would count on my brain to somehow get me out of it. I was a first-class head-tripper.

Then I had my Access Bars® run. The person running them said my healing bars were going like crazy and that usually meant that I was…a healer.

Me, a healer? My brain went into high gear and talked to it's favorite cohort at the time: my mind. After turning this information over a couple of times, they dismissed it as not fitting into any of the pre-defined compartments of me.

Yet, deep within my being a tiny, shiny question started to form...Who was I, really? What if I wasn't what I had decided I was? What if I was something completely different?

And there was something awakening in me that I can best describe as... hope.

A couple of weeks later I chose (to my brain's surprise) to have a private session with Dain. That session blew my whole world apart! I opened my eyes and knew that this was the end and...

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