BioHacking You

Aug 24, 2022

 What if your body is the greatest mystery you've ever been given to explore?

And what if how we experience our sometimes messy lives here on Earth can be tweaked, optimized, and hacked to get continously greater?

On this episode of the Wolf, Katarina and her guest Acie Rae - a thrival optimization strategist - delve into the somewhat mindbending world of BIOHACKING!

Yes, bio-hacking! And no, it does not involve a lab. What it does involve is a deep dive into YOUR unique body and biology.

What if YOU are the one that knows what works for you and your body? And only you. :-)

Key Takeaways: 
Biohacking is optimising your own biology to cultivate the experience of living you’d actually like to have.
• When you're willing to be tenacious and ask questions, every day becomes an experiment of 'How can I do this better?'
• Your body is the vehicle you get to experience this planet with - make the most of it!


Acie on YouTube.
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Acie Rae is a biohacker, world-traveller and thrival expert who works with people and companies to create the lives and businesses they’d really like to have.

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