Bullying and Possibilities

Nov 25, 2021

 This episode is for anyone who knows a child.
Or a parent.
Or who is either or both of those!
(So yes, all of us!)

And here is the question: What do you do if you find out that a child is being bullied?

Do you fight, resist, react or blame? Or do you look for possibilities?

What if children actually know exactly how to deal with any situation that occurs for them? And we just don't .... ASK?

In this episode of the Wolf, me and my guest Sarah Grandinetti have a vulnerable conversation exploring what can open up when we co-create possibilities with our children instead of solving their problems.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Kids actually know how to deal with the situations that show up for them in life, if they are empowered to know that they know!
  • When it comes to bullying, no-one involved is right or wrong.


Sarah Grandinetti is a consciousness facilitator, mom of 4 and an explorer of parenting from possibility instead of problems - specialising in what it takes for people to be them and actualise their dreams! 

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