Letting Go of All Certainties

Jan 27, 2022

What happens when you destroy (and uncreate) your relationship after 27 years together? And then keep doing that every single day?

Is it actually possible to create your life, a business, a relationship - your future! - from a place of question, and not certainty?

This episode of the Wolf is a wonderful and inspiring conversation with consciousness facilitators, entrepreneurs, authors and pioneers in the field of conscious governance, Steve and Chutisa Bowman!

Over the last 5 decades, Steve and Chutisa have created multiple businesses, a life of curiosity and adventure, and a dynamic relationship using the tools of consciousness as a guide - questions, trust, allowance and no point of view.

What would change for you if you were willing to always challenge the certainties in your life? Maybe… everything?

Key Takeaways:

  • Destroying and uncreating your relationship with each other every day can be the foundation of a dynamic and ever-evolving relationship.
  • Trusting you is knowing you can create, no matter what!


Steve and Chutisa Bowman are pioneers in the field of conscious governance who empower their clients to create a life and future of their choosing, consciously!

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