Going From Corporate to Consciousness (Via Chaos!)

Jan 15, 2022

Have you ever considered changing your life completely? Taking a leap, leaving your job or even moving to a different country?

Trusting fully in the universe, and even… trusting you?

My guest on this episode of the Wolf podcast is Paul Kearney - lifelong seeker and recent Italian - who shares his journey from corporate to consciousness!

Paul invites us to take a peek into his world, working with leaders at the creative edge of consciousness - and embracing chaos! - in his role managing a castle in Italy.

Could learning to work with the Universe and trust YOU be the beginning of something very different for your life?

Key Takeaways: 

  • You know what works for you, and when you acknowledge and follow that, the most beautiful spaces open up.
  • When you instill more chaos in anything, it creates more!


Paul Kearney is a world traveller, international business consultant and facilitator of consciousness who specialises in working with companies who live their values and seek to create change in the world!

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