Children: A Choice Too?

Sep 23, 2022

What if having children is an active choice?

Not from the biological or financial possibility of having children — but from the question: What is my reality with children?

What if living your life without children could be on purpose? And what if that choice does not make you less? Or more?

On this episode of the Wolf, I am diving into this (still!) provocative topic together with Ms. Diva Diaz and Ms. Erika Mangiapane, two powerhouses that are creating their lives as it works for them. Not anyone else.

Come along and get empowered to know what you know!

Key Takeaways: 
• To have or not have children is a choice only you can make - for you! 
• Asking 'What Is My Reality With This?' can allow you to get more clear on what you'd really like to choose.
• Being willing to explore what actually works for you can be a way to go beyond the social pressures, expectations and programming associated with having children.

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Diva Diaz has a background in business intelligence and now works with the Access Consciousness X-Men  speciality! She has recently been appointed manager of the Castello di Casalborgone in Italy.



Erika Mangiapane has a background in Science, runs her own Gyrotonic clinic, and works as an Access Consciousness facilitator! 

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