Changing Conflict Into Possibility

Aug 06, 2021
Wolf of Possibilities podcast

Is conflict and complaints always a problem? Or could it actually be a possibility?

What if every perceived conflict was a doorway to greater possibilities for everyone involved… And for the world?

Pam Houghteling has worked for many years with the global Access Consciousness team, using her unique capacities to handle difficult people in difficult situations with kindness, joy and question! 

She embraces the superpower of allowance with such grace that it looks easy!

Would you like to know how she does it? Enjoy this episode with Katarina Wallentin and her guest Pam!

Key Takeaways

  • Nothing is solid and concrete unless we make it so.
  • It’s very hard for someone else to fight if you’re not fighting.
  • Any moment that we choose to feed the wolf of possibilities, we are exponentializing change in the world.



Pam Houghteling is a woman that walks her talk and has an amazing ability with difficult people and difficult situations allowing somehow, magically conflict to turn into possibilities. Pam is a business woman, an Access Consciousness Facilitator and a clinical social worker who lives in the US.

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