What is a Conscious Future? Really?

Nov 07, 2022

What does it take to create a thriving, global business - consciously?

In this episode of the Wolf podcast, we explore just that with Gary Douglas - a brilliant and tenacious business leader!

He is also the founder of Access Consciousness, a company founded over 30 years ago on the principles of consciousness - where everything is included and nothing is judged.

So what is consciousness?
What is behind its transformative power?

And what would change if we allowed consciousness to infuse every part of our lives, and choices?

A different future for the world, perhaps? 🙂

Key Takeaways:
• If it has judgement involved, it can't be consciousness.
 The tools of consciousness have the ability to cross any boundaries, borders or limitations, if you're willing to use them.
• Functioning from consciousness can show you the possibilities in all things, and the contribution the universe is willing to be for you! 

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Best-selling author, international speaker and a sought-after facilitator, Gary Douglas is known for his intensity of awareness and his incredible capacity to facilitate people to ‘know what they know’. He chooses to embody consciousness in everything that he does which inspires others to choose to become more conscious as a result.

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