Dancing With Control

access consciousness control katarina wallentin out of control Dec 09, 2023

Do you ever try to control things? Your kids, your dates, your boss, your projects - your whole darn life?!?

Do you actually have a sneaking suspicion that if you were God, the world would be in much better shape? :-)

On this episode of the Wolf podcast, we explore just that with my guest, fellow self-professed control freak Megan Hill!

Is control really all (that) bad? Or good? And is there a way to control… better?

Come and find out? Or not!

You are in control.

Key Takeaways: 
• If you’re willing to be the question, you’re always in control.
• When you do too much control, you fall out of communion - with everything! 
• If you’re doing control from a need to be right or not wrong, that’s where it tends to contract or limit.

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Megan Hill is a dreamer from the Midwest with a desire to change the world! A facilitator of Access Consciousness, she invites her clients to a different perspective on everything in life; from business and creation to parenting, relationships and beyond.

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