Owning Your Curves

May 12, 2023

What is different about you and YOUR unique body that can shape the world we live in? :-)

Your shapes and curves, your bumps and quirks! Every single part of this fantastic organism you get to experience the world with!

On this episode of the Wolf, we explore just that with Sarah Grandinetti - a body-enthusiast and consciousness facilitator with the kind of curves that stop traffic! 

What if the beauty of us can't be measured, perfected or fixed?

What if we can choose to own the difference of our curves, however they turn? And celebrate them, every single day!

Key Takeaways: 
• Curvy is the shape of the gift of our difference.
• The gift of you and your unique body is your excitement to be alive.
• It is difficult to be a lust addict and hide! 

• Being You Beauty Classes
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Sarah Grandinetti is a body enthusiast and consciousness facilitator who travels the world leading workshops on topics like beauty, parenting and being you - and changing lives as she does it! 

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