Different Kids, Different Choices

May 05, 2022

What do you do as a mom, when you’re faced with a really tough choice with your kid?

What does it take to be fiercely YOU as a parent?

On this episode of the Wolf, we explore hard choices (like parenting teenagers!) with Heather Nichols, a facilitator, author, transformational coach - and parent to two teenage boys.

Together we discover how, with a willingness to choose, there are ALWAYS possibilities to be found, even in the most barren landscapes.


Key Takeaways: 

  • Being you as a parent means trusting your choices, even if they're really different! 
  • When you're willing to ask questions and follow what you know, there are always possibilities to be found.


Heather Nichols, MSW, is a facilitator, speaker, body magician, author, & transformational coach, with 25 years of experience in the world of business, bodies, + change, facilitating people to know that they can create an epic life in a way that actually works for them. 

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