Being the I'm-Possible Dreamer

May 22, 2022

What is truly possible when you choose to follow your dreams - even the ones that seem impossible?

What if we could change every impossible to an I’m-Possible?

On this episode of the Wolf, Jarryd Nurden - performing artist, athlete and dreamer! - takes us on a journey into his life, from a tiny community in South Africa to the stages of the West-End in London.

What if all it takes to actualise your dreams is the willingness to just… GO?!

Join Jarryd and the Wolf to find out. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Any dream is possible to achieve, when you're willing to commit and do the work.
  • Trusting YOU and what you know is a key part of actualising your dreams!
  • Let Go of Control - start receiving everything.
  • Be a Self-Teacher - do the work.
  • Be You and Trust You - only you know how far you can go.




Jarryd Nurden is a performer, model, athlete, influencer, coach and musical artist, currently living in London, coming all the way from a small farming community in South Africa.   

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