Let The Earth In

Nov 12, 2021

What would change in our lives if we started to let the Earth in? Even just a little bit?

Allowing the Earth to contribute and co-create with us – in our lives, with our bodies, with food, healing, travel and so much more?

In this episode, Katarina meets up with earth explorer and gypsy of consciousness Sylvia Puentes. Together they dive into what else is possible with and on this fantastic planet of ours!

Would you allow yourself to embrace and be embraced by the Earth everywhere you go? 

Key Takeaways: 

  •  Acknowledging and receiving the Earth can create a sense of expansion and joy in your entire being!
  •  The Earth lives with us in so many ways! What if we are being embraced by the Earth all the time?


Sylvia Puentes is an Earth adventurer and dynamic facilitator who explores the world as a gypsy of consciousness, diving into what is truly possible when we allow ourselves to receive from and play with the Earth! 

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