Eating With A (Different) Point of View

Aug 19, 2021
Wolf of Possibilities podcast with Katarina Wallentin & guest Laura Simmonds

What if you could eat yourself happy? And healthy? And even … thin?

What if that whole idea of asking your body about if, what, when, and how much to eat WORKS?

In this episode, my guest is Laura Simmonds – a facilitator, mentor, and food whisperer!
As a teenager with an eating disorder, Laura discovered the magic of how our point of view creates reality -- and allowed it to change her whole relationship with food, water, and her body.

What point of view could you choose to create the body you truly desire?

Key Takeaways

  • Everything that you drink and eat can be a contribution to your body.
  • You can use your point of view to create something different with your body.
  • Your relationship with your body can be new every day.


Laura Simmonds is Access Consciousness facilitator and mentor.

As a teenager with an eating disorder, Laura claimed this remarkable superpower to completely change her relationship with food, water and her body.

With a unique perspective on creating and living a miraculous life she is a firm believer in something that is at the very core of this wolf adventure that we’re on - your point of view creates your reality, reality does not create your point of view.

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