The Possibilities of the Extreme

Feb 27, 2022

What is fear — really? What’s underneath it, how can we use it and what is it telling us if we’re willing to listen?

On this episode of the Wolf, Katarina and her guest, engineer, sports enthusiast and facilitator of consciousness Connor Hill explore what extreme sports can show us about being fully alive.

What if exploring the very edges of what we’re capable of is when we’re most present, most at peace — most free?

Would you be willing to jump, and find out?


Key Takeaways: 

  • It’s in those moments that are the most extreme that we are most present, aware and alive!
  • When you are experiencing what you think is fear, what if you could ask - 'Is this actually excitement I’ve misidentified?'


Connor Hill is an engineer and extreme sports enthusiast who travels the world facilitating classes on consciousness, bodies and being you, and occasionally living life on the edge.

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