Feeding the Wolf of Possibilities

Mar 01, 2021
Feeding the Wolf of Possibilities with host Katarina Wallentin & guest Dr. Dain Heer

Where does the idea of feeding a wolf of possibilities come from? What does it mean? Where does the wolf live? And what would feeding it change and create in the world?

In this first episode of the podcast, the host Katarina Wallentin and her guest Dr. Dain Heer explore all of this, diving into native American parables and Hollywood blockbusters.

If you knew, without a doubt, that your point of view creates reality, and not the other way around, what would you choose? Are you willing to finally embrace that incredible and wonderous power? Today?

Key Takeaways

  • "We together have the power to choose and create a future that is not only sustainable but really beautiful, joyful, and phenomenal." Dain Heer.
  • You are not either the drop or the ocean. You are simultaneously the drop and the ocean.
  • "It's not the things that we think, that truly feed the wolf of possibilities, it's far easier than that. It’s the things that we do from a sense of space, a sense of ease, a sense of gratitude, a sense of joy, that’s how we feed the wolf of possibilities." Dain Heer.





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