If The World Was A Garden

Jan 03, 2022

What would it be like … if all the world was a garden?

My most recent guest on the Wolf podcast has a secret agenda… (Shhh!) It is for the entire world to become a park! Parks in every home, she says! Places FULL of habitat, and aliveness, and living!

Places where people got to know their furry or leafy neighbours, where us and our bodies and the plants get to play together and nurture each other in the most unique way.

In this episode of the Wolf podcast, plant-whisperer Monica Gilliam and me have an amazingly happy conversation about living, aliveness and what is uniquely created when we’re willing to connect with and include this earth that is all around us.

Is it time for us to remember that we (yes, we!) are part of the amazing unfolding conversation of life and living on this planet?


Key Takeaways: 

  • Our bodies would not survive here on this planet without the plants!
  • Your neighbours are not only the people around you, it’s every kind of plant and animal as well.


Monica Mata Gilliam is an acupuncturist, author, Access Consciousness®️ Certified Facilitator, Talk To The Entities®️ Facilitator, and founder of Talk To The Plants. Her deep admiration for all living things pushes her to explore ever greater ways to create change in the world. What possibilities are available for us all to thrive here, with this gorgeous Earth?

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