How Awareness Beats Gaslighting

Aug 12, 2022

Have you ever heard the term gaslighting? Probably yes!

It had a big upswing about 10 years ago and today, people use it for all kind of situations....

But what is it really?

How do you know if you're being gaslighted?
How do you stop it?
And can you gaslight....yourself? (Hint: Yes!)

On this episode of the Wolf, I've invited Marilyn Bradford, a therapist and founder of the program 'Right Recovery For You' to guide us into the mysteries of this topic and what it can mean for you, and the world we live in.

What if gaslighting could never affect you again?

Would you be willing to be that aware?

Key Takeaways: 
• Only YOU know what is right for you! No-one else does.
• Gaslighting can actually be an invitation to explore what is true for you, if you're willing to be that self-aware.


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Marilyn Bradford is a therapist and the creator of Access Consciousness specialty Right Recovery For You, who has worked in the field of mental health, self-development and addiction for over 30 years. 

What is gaslighting?
Gaslighting is a colloquialism, loosely defined as making someone question their own reality. The expression, which derives from the title of the 1944 film Gaslight, became popular in the mid-2010s.

The term may also be used to describe a person (a "gaslighter") who presents a false narrative to another group or person, thereby leading them to doubt their perceptions and become misled, disoriented or distressed.

Oftentimes this is for the gaslighter's own benefit. Normally, this dynamic is possible only when the audience is vulnerable, such as in unequal power relationships, or fearful of the losses associated with challenging the false narrative. Gaslighting is not necessarily malicious or intentional, although in some cases it is.

From Wikipedia.


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