Why Hitting Rock Bottom Was A Gift

Oct 17, 2023

If you've been hiding from yourself your whole life, how do you stop?

Do you have something you use to cover up the intensity of … well, everything?

On this episode of Feeding the Wolf of Possibilities, we explore the many shades of addiction - and why hitting rock bottom can be a gift.

Our guest Brendon Watt takes us on a brutally honest journey to the black heart of alcoholism, and beyond, into creating a new life.

It is a story of despair, tenacity, hope, and what is possible when we keep taking one more step. And then another one.

Thank you Brendon, for your vulnerability.

Key Takeaways: 
• Healing and finding a different path is a lifelong choice! 
• Addiction is the total avoidance of being present, and the total avoidance of yourself.
• All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory is an invitation for the universe to know that you’re willing to be in communion with something different.
• The way out of addiction is creating your life.

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Brendon Watt is a worldwide speaker, best-selling author and facilitator of Access Consciousness® who travels the world empowering others to know they are not wrong, that anything is possible, and that they are just one choice away from change.

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