Having Your Own Back

Oct 27, 2021
Feeding the Wolf of Possibilities Podcast with Katarina Wallentin & Guest Diva Diez

 How do you respond to bad news? Like really bad news?

 Like breaking your back!

 Do you trust yourself to handle emergency situations?

 What if it is the willingness to trust us - and our bodies! - that transforms lousy news into something that creates more possibilities?

In this episode of the Wolf, Katarina and her guest - consciousness facilitator & entrepreneur Diva Diaz - explore how Diva quite literally learned to have her own back after injuring her spine in a bad and unexpected fall.

 What is possible when we stay present, ask questions, and trust what we know - even in an emergency?

 Key Takeaways:

  • The awareness you have about your body is far superior to anyone else’s!
  • During an emergency, the things we make relevant that actually aren’t become so much clearer.
  • ‘Bad’ situations can be a huge gift in awareness and receiving if we’re willing to ask questions, and trust ourselves.




Diva Diaz is a global speaker, children’s book author, facilitator of consciousness and a dynamic entrepreneur who navigates the world in her own unique and very different way!


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