Playing Hockey on Access Bars

Mar 27, 2023

 What can change when you add consciousness?

Everything? 🙂

Even something like sports? Hockey, to be specific!

Meet Vitaly Menshikov - a professional hockey player and, at once, the best defender and scorer in the Russian Hockey league. Vitaly says the way he plays hockey - and his whole life - changed when he got his Bars run.

Come hear about his unique journey, an inspiring look at what is possible when we allow consciousness to change everything!

What if nothing ever shows up the way we think it will or should? 🙂

                                                           Vasily in his natural habitat! :-)

Key Takeaways: 
• Using the Access tools before playing sports - before doing anything! - can dynamically change your experience of it. 
• Anything can be a contribution when we're willing to function from consciousness - even a crisis!
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• More about the Access Bars.
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Vitaly Menshikov is a professional hockey player who was at one time one of the best scorers and defenders in the entire Russian hockey league!

After playing professional hockey since the age of 4, he met the Access tools at a crossroads in his life - which allowed him to start creating the life he truly wanted.

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