How A Horse Can Show You... You

access consciousness equine therapy horse consciousness Feb 25, 2024

What is it about the very space of a horse that is so special?

So much that people change just by being around them?

On this episode of the Wolf podcast, equine therapist Adele Pudney talks about how much bigger a horse's bioenergetic field is compared to ours.

And how our hearts entrain to their heartbeats as we spend time with them!

Find out how a horse can show you… You?

Key Takeaways: 
• The more you spend time with horses, the more you're able to relax into who you truly are.
• Being with horses can create significantly less pain and anxiety in our bodies!

The HeartMath Institute
Access Consciousness Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider 
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Adele Putney is a South African physio and equine therapist who incorporates her work with horses into a unique treatment approach where she encourages her clients to engage in their own rehabilitation.

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