Living Beautifully

Oct 13, 2021
Living Beautifully Feeding the Wolf of Possibilities Podcast

 How much more ease and joy could we have if we choose to live our lives … beautifully?

 In this episode of the Wolf, Katarina and antique collector extraordinaire Christopher Hughes explore the notion of living beautifully! 

 What if beauty truly is timeless? And what if it contributes to us with its sheer energy?

 Are you willing to experience the wonder of beautiful objects from the past coming ALIVE when being discovered, admired - and used again?

 What if we can connect to the past (and the future) through antiques moving through time, making a brief, temporary stop in our lives?


Key Takeaways:

  • We each have this unique point of view that we look from to see something different.
  • Beautiful, timeless objects are a piece of creation that resonates out into the future, and carries their past with them.
  • If you find something that excites you in your life, the details of it start to come alive in a really exciting way.




Christopher Hughes is a true renaissance person and consciousness facilitator who spends his days surrounded by beautiful, old and mysterious things as an antiques curator in Brisbane, Australia.

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