Lust: Being Game with Living

Feb 20, 2023

Is lust one of the seven sins?

Or is it eating a mango - very slowly and very messily - in the shower? :-)

On this episode of the Wolf, we’re exploring LUST with one of the most lustful people I know: Mr. Christopher Hughes! A Canadian pleasure-seeker and purveyor of all things beautiful and naughty.

Together we explore what could be possible for all of us and the world if lust were welcomed instead of judged.

How often do you allow yourself to experience lust?

Sometimes? Never? Or only on Saturdays? :-)

And if you're already aching to dive even deeper on the topic of lust, explore the telecall with Chris & Gary here - • When Lust Turns to Love, Where Does The Sex Go? Telecall with Chris & Gary Douglas

Key Takeaways: 
• Lust is when you're willing to abandon all reason to have a really good time... 
• The act of living is a lustful experience! 
Within lust there's a generative energy of being alive - and this breath of enthusiasm that is glorious. This incredible expression of life.

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Mr Christopher Hughes is a Canadian charlatan and hedonist keen to celebrate sex, kindness, beauty, and instigate change for a better world. Also, world peace.

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