Meeting Me In My Garden

Jan 31, 2023

What can we learn about the world from a garden?

How can a tree, a flower, or a green, green cucumber show us who we truly be? :-)

Meet My Södergren, who left a successful media career behind to reconnect with nature; becoming a gardener.

And there, feet firmly on the ground, hands deep into the soil, in a place where no words are required, she finally found herself.

In this episode of the Wolf, discover what cultivating one's garden can create!

Key Takeaways: 

• Nature teaches us not to be invested in the outcome, and to trust ourselves! 
• The less we try to control things, the more in harmony with ourselves we will be.

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My Södergren works as gardener, entrepreneur and coach. She also started YuBe, a global movement for youngsters. She lives with her partner in Båstad, Sweden, in a house with a view of the ocean and many cucumber plants!

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