Bodies Move In All Dimensions!

Apr 25, 2024



What if our bodies are actually designed for longevity, flexibility - and JOY?

(Yes, even yours! In all its quirkiness and glory. ☺️)

And what if the key to that is … movement?

On this episode of the Wolf podcast, we explore just that with holistic movement specialist & jellyfish-whisperer Amanda Erlank!
Key Takeaways: 
• We get better at the things we do most often! 
• When you make a choice that’s good for your body and your being, everything flows!

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Amanda Erlank is an Holistic Movement Specialist and Pilates Teacher Trainer who takes a truly holistic approach to physical wellbeing that includes observing your breath-flow, mindset, biomechanics and meridians! Pulling these threads of information together, Amanda weaves bespoke programs that create impressive results, helping people move from pain and immobility to fluidity and freedom.

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