Naked Possibilities

Sep 01, 2021
Naked Possibilities on the Wolf of Possibilities Podcast



What does the word tantra bring up for you?

Does the mere mention of it make you cringe a bit… Or are you secretly intrigued about this magical, mystical practice in which people seem to spend a LOT of time naked?!

In this episode of the Wolf, we take a peek into the exciting world of Tantra with the budding tantric explorer, Katarina Nilsson.

What if vulnerability, presence and no judgement can actually contribute not only to greater sex, but to every area of life?

Key Takeaways:

  • Tantra is about being present with you, your body, and your relationships with others.
  • Being willing to be vulnerable can contribute dynamically to everything in life!
  • There is so much to explore, if we’re willing to choose it – and have fun!




Katarina Nilsson is an entrepreneur who works with several multinational companies at the same time as she explore the path as a coach and a tantric adventurer.


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