What If There Are No Sides?

Nov 01, 2023

What if you didn’t have to choose a side to... exist?

This time, the Wolf travels to the Middle East - into the fire of current events!

Meet Imene, a Muslim from Algeria, and Ronit, a jew who grow up in Hafa, Israel.

Hear what opened up when they stepped out of the boxes they were taught they belonged to.

What can we receive outside the walls of culture, religion and family?

Key Takeaways:
• New spaces are always possible when we choose to be in the question. 
• When you choose to have no point of view, you can receive from everyone and everything.  

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Dr. Ronit Nesher is a psychotherapist and Gestalt group therapist who combines psychology with the practical and energetic tools of Access Consciousness®.

Dr. Imene Benzamouche is a Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness® and a medical doctor. She travels the globe and spreads consciousness throughout the world.

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