One Tool To Change Everything

Sep 30, 2021
One Tool To Change Everything Feeding The Wolf of Possibilities

 What can we do when we feel we can no longer go on?

Can the choice and commitment to using one tool really change everything?

A few years ago, Eva-Lisa Myntti - a lawyer, horse whisperer, and reindeer-herder from the very north of Sweden - found herself ready to end it all.

 This episode is Eva-Lisa’s deeply personal account of her experience with depression, and the Access Consciousness tool she used that ultimately changed everything - Who Does This Belong To!

 Together, Katarina & Eva-Lisa explore how through choice and commitment to using this tool, she discovered a level of kindness and caring for herself she never knew existed.


Key Takeaways:

  • One tool really can change your whole life, if you commit to using it.
  • Exploring the Who Does This Belong To tool can give you access to a whole new level of caring and kindness, for you!
  • As you become more aware of who you are, it’s easier to allow others to be.




Eva-Lisa Myntti is a true renaissance person and works as a lawyer, consciousness facilitator, horse whisperer and reindeer herder in the very north of Sweden.

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