Relaxing Into The New Year

Jan 08, 2023

How are you with relaxation?

Easy-peasy, you have that whole relaxing thing down!
Or do you sometimes get kind of pissed off when people tell you to... relax?

What if relaxing is something completely different than we think it is?

What if relaxation is the key to the kingdom?
And what if you could relax into the brand new year?

Say what? :-)
On this episode of the Wolf, me and my guest Simone Milasas explore the superpower of relaxation!

Key Takeaways:
• Relaxation is the presence that has the ability to expand your awareness in every moment. 
• If you're in judgement, you're not functioning from relaxation. 
• In relaxation, you are needless and you're able to receive what works for you in every moment.

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse Book by Charles Mackesy
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Simone Milasas is a dynamic business leader and consciousness facilitator who travels the world empowering people to know they can change any area of their life they’d like to change!

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