Why Touch Matters

access consciousness conscious touch touch Feb 10, 2024

My grandma died when she was 94. At the end she was not very interested in talking - but she really liked having her hair brushed. And her hand stroked softly...

Touch matters.
Sometimes more than words.

Why is that?

That is what we’re exploring on this episode of the Wolf podcast, together with Mexican osteopath and body-worker, Eduardo Hernandez.

Come find out?

Key Takeaways: 

• A simple touch -  like a hug! - can create a sense of connection, intimacy and health in the body and being. 
• It is never too early or too late to discover what touch is for you. 

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Eduardo Hernandez is a passionate and caring Osteopath and explorer of the wonders of touch, with an ongoing study in Functional Integrative Medicine and psychoneuroimmunology.

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