Sex - Plugging Into The Universe

Apr 15, 2023

What is sex to you?
Have you ever taken the time to explore that seemingly simple question?

What if sex could be you strutting your stuff and thoroughly enjoying being lusted after?

And what if really, really good sex can be like plugging into the universe, co-creating with every single energy available all around?

On this episode of the Wolf, we dive into just that with Shannon O’Hara - a brave and tenacious explorer of the many mysterious possibilities of sex!

Key Takeaways:
• Sex accesses the energetics of the body that then interact with all the molecules in the universe.
• If you want to create your body more, introduce and include more orgasmic energy.
• As we copulate, our bodies generate an energy that facilitates the transformation of all energies!

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande Movie 
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Shannon O'Hara is an internationally renowned awareness leader, consciousness facilitator and creator of Talk to the Entities with over 20 years' experience empowering people to know that they know.

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