What Does Your Body Know?

Jul 22, 2021
What Does Your Body Know? New episode on Feeding the Wolf of Possibilities Podcast with Katarina Wallentin and guest Dr Dain Heer

What does your body know? About itself, about you, about consciousness, life, and the universe?

What would happen if we started to ask it? And listen to the answers it whispers back?

In this episode of the Wolf, my guest is body whisperer Dain Heer. Many years ago, he showed me how to stop being a brain on legs and instead let my body guide me to coming ALIVE.

And now, just a few months ago, he published a book called… Body Whispering - A New Way of Seeing, Being and Healing.

So… this is not an episode for you. This one is for your body!


Key Takeaways

  • There is nothing your body does that is against you. Everything our body does is for us.
  • You are not your body, your body is not you.
  • Understanding and the need to understand eliminates the possibility.




Dr Dain Heer is an energy virtuoso, best selling author, speaker and possibility seeker. He is also the co-creator of Access Consciousness and a brilliant Body Whisperer.


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