Which P Will You Choose?

Feb 13, 2022

Have you always known that you could change the world you live in?

What can a woman in Saudi Arabia create - against all odds! - with tenacity, fearlessness and a demand for possibilities, instead of problems?

In this episode of the Wolf, I journey together with Anaa Abualfaraj - an international human rights lawyer and facilitator of consciousness with a truly inspiring story!

Anaa is a creative powerhouse, and miracle-maker who has spent her life going beyond the restrictions of her country and culture to create greater, and inviting others around her to do the same.

What if it’s our willingness to live from possibilities (not problems!) that is the key to changing everything?

Key Takeaways: 

  • If you truly have a demand for something, you’re going to get it - if you’re willing to function from the possibilities of everything, not the problems.

  • A world of no separation is possible, with a dash of tenacity, some fearlessness and the tools of consciousness!

  • YOU are the one molecule that's going to change everything.


Anaa Abualfaraj is an international human rights lawyer, facilitator of consciousness and miracle-maker living in Saudi Arabia.

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