Living a Life of Ease, Joy & Glory

Apr 15, 2021
Wolf of Possibilities podcast


Shannon O’Hara has one main question for everything she chooses in life: What will create the greatest ease? Not easy. Ease.

What does that mean? How does it work? What kind of life can it create?

Join Katarina Wallentin and Shannon as they explore the ins and outs of having all of life come with ease, joy, and glory; the mantra of Access Consciousness.

Warning: If the idea that all of life could come to you with ease, joy, and glory really annoys you, pisses you off, or sounds airy-fairy, do not listen to this episode. It may change something fundamental in your life! :-)


Key Takeaways

  • For every choice, ask: What’s going to create the greatest ease?
  • “It’s the choices that we make and the positions that we take that give us more or less access to ease, joy and glory.” Shannon O’Hara
  • “It is our point of view that creates our reality, our future, and our lives. We have so much more power than we think we do.” Katarina Wallentin




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