Big Better Best Books Podcast

With authors, readers & other endangered species, hosted by Katarina Wallentin, aired during 2018 and 2019.

Do you love stories? Good stories? The kind that make your surroundings melt away? That transport you to lands where magic shimmers and you become the hero that changes everything?

Explore the archive of the Big, Better Best Books Podcast about writing - what happens before the ink meets the paper, what happens as a story unfolds and what gets created when books take on a life of their own.


The Rise Of The Unlikely Heroes

What happens when you cross an ordinary person with a near impossible task? Is there an unlikely hero in you? Join Rebecca Hulse, Bret Rockmore and Marilyn Bradford as Katarina dives into this fascinating arena and explores the sudden rise of Unlikely Heroes in books and movies.


A Million Shades Of Erotica

The amazing guest of this episode is Georgia Watson. Georgia is a facilitator of consciousness, a horse person, a painter, and she also has a secret business as an online dominatrix. She is today's expert, and together we explore the the world of erotic novels, why we read them, and what makes pushing our boundaries so enticing.


When A Book Gets A Voice

There are many ways to receive a book... Some like to read on an Ipad, others want the paper pages. And some people like to listen to books! In this podcast, you will meet two amazing audiobook narrators, Max Zoulek and Megan Hill, and an enthusiastic audiobook listener, Laleh Hancock.


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