With a pinch of stardust + water + energy, it all begins.

From Dr. Dain Heer and Katarina Wallentin comes the sequel to the popular Baby Unicorn and Baby Dragon Manifesto books: The Baby Stardust Manifesto! It is a beautiful exploration of the unique and bright magic of this planet, and within ourselves, we so often take for granted.

The Art of Touch

Somewhere, somehow, the art of touch has been lost. Is now the time to rediscover it? :-)

If you are willing, this online training with Katarina Wallentin & Shannon O'Hara can be the beginning of reclaiming the potent wonders that touch can be for you in the creation of your life and world!



Body Magic Weekly

Join Shannon O’Hara & Katarina Wallentin for a magical body journey in 14 parts!

Restore, relax and commit to showing up with your body for an amazing adventure in what a body can BE.
What would showing up for your body and playing with these amazing energies create?

These 14 sessions are around 30 min long and led by either Shannon or Katarina. You get access to all of them at once. Just ask your body which session it would like to start with!


Body Talk Boot Camp

What if this is the time to start listening to your body in ways you never have before — and even co-create with it? Get your BFF (best friend forever) back!

Join Shannon O’Hara and Katarina Wallentin for the Boot Camp in Body Talk! 7 sessions in 7 days. 30 min per day of a hands-on body adventure!


Adding Gratitude

How often are you grateful for your body? Once an hour, once a day, once a week ... once a year? (Ever?)

Would you like to join me in an experiment?

Let's explore what happens when we consciously add 15 mins of gratitude every day to our bodies for 5 days!


FREE - 30 Day Challenge With Your Body

What is possible for you and your body that has never been possible before? Join our 30 Day Body Challenge online with tools presented by all the Access Body Class facilitators.


Never Let A Bully Win

Is someone you know being bullied? Have you been? Or were you the bully? Access Consciousness has a series of tools and perspectives on bullying and the difference you can be to end it.


FREE - 30 Days To Being You

What if there are simple and dynamic tools that can guide you on this journey into who you truly be? This series is facilitated by the Being You Facilitators!


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